Happy Halloween Bulldog Readers


In honor of our most popular book series, Mrs. Hembree decided to dress up as Babymouse!


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Babymouse dresses up in all kinds of outfits for her adventures!

This is Mrs. Hembree’s version of Halloween Babymouse!

“Babymouse, it’s Halloween, not Flamingo Night!”

We wish all of our readers a very Happy Halloween! Happy Reading!

What are you doing to dress up as on Halloween?
What is your favorite Babymouse book?
What is your favorite scary book?



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57 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Bulldog Readers

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Happy Halloween to you and your Bulldog readers.

    You look awesome as BaBy mouse well done.
    I went to an Halloween party on the weekend, I was so scared out of my skin for many who did get dressed up really did look the part.
    As I dressed up as a dead bride but some how I really looked to alive never mind nexted year will work on that.

    My favourite Baby mouse book is the one which you sent Bianca called Cupcake.

    Did you go out trick or treating Mrs Hembree?

    From your pal,

  2. Hi im Jake Cash from Awapuni school and I love your babymouse costume for halloween. Im also from gisborne nz.I love reading!!! Its my second favorite pastime. Loving your blog .

  3. I really like your blog because you have a open mind you seem like a really cool and fun teacher.
    What does Halloween mean in your Country??

  4. Wow! Your costume is brilliant and I like your bright colours and I like your photo that you toke and put on thhe page I also like the way you wished everyone a happy halloween and also how you disguised your own costume and named it and how you said kinds of things I wish you would tell me a bit more about halloween over the seas for were yous are and I enjoyed my time yesterday at halloween I got 4 plastic bags full of goodies.
    Happy Halloween To Yous….

  5. I really like the way you chose the colour pink for halloween,
    and my teacher Mrs T likes your shoes and the colour pink.
    I really like the way you used a cat for your face paint for halloween.

  6. I really like the way you put a lot of thought into your Halloween costume. Even though I don’t celebrate Halloween, I love seeing all of the crazy costumes and ideas. You have a really great and exciting blog. Are you going to go trick or treating?

  7. I really like the way you let people put in comments and that your not afraid to show yourself on this webpage, plus I dont dress up on helloween. My mom says I cant go trick or treating I have to stay home all day.

  8. I really love how you have writen so much and it is really descriptive it is amazing.I am surprised that you dont have any comments on this story. I just love it so much and I am sure my school would to.
    I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It is amazing I went trick or treating with most of my friends. We all ended up with heaps of candy and it was like we were stealing it all but we wern’t really. There was about 12 of us and when ever we would go to someone all 12 kids would come and they would say , ohhh where are they all coming from and will they ever stop coming.

  9. wow! I liked the way you where so creative in youre ouwn way.
    I didnt do hallawen because In our family we do not selabrate hallawen.
    You dress is perfict pink and pretty.
    You are you and you are awesome.


  10. I like your cool haloween costume but I don’t know what you are?
    When I went to halloween I got 5 dollars, one lollipop and one tiny bublegum. I walked down the street yelling ”trick or treat!” Nobody gave me any lollies..

  11. Dear Mrs. Hembree and the Bulldog Readers,
    Wow! That is quite the fantastic costume. I would love to see some of the student costumes too. Did any of the students dress up as Babymouse?

    I have actually never heard of the Babymouse books before and headed straight to amazon to read about them. I am going to ask our librarian if we can order some for our library. Do you have any favourites that we should put on our list?

    We had a Halloween celebration at our school today and all the students dressed up. I dressed up a s a witch (so did quite a few students). Did everyone at your school dress up too?

    Thank you for introducing me to a new series!

    Mrs. Watson

    • Dear Mrs. Watson,
      Thank you for visiting our blog and making a comment! quite a few students dressed up during their Halloween parties, but they couldn’t dress up all day! Our art teacher was the Mona Lisa and our office staff were the four seasons of the year.

      I love Halloween and coming up with a costume that is fun, about a book and doesn’t cost much money! I found everything I needed at a second hand shop and didn’t have to pay much money at all!

      Babymouse is a really fun series for grades 2/3 and up! I love reading them too because there are different levels of humor in the books! Any Babymouse is a good book, so don’t worry about one being better than the rest! you might also consider the Lunch Lady series too!

      Mrs. Hembree

  12. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    I love the costume you have. The hat is so funny! Also The colors are wild and wacky and histaricall. I thought I was going to laugh my head off when I saw this!

  13. Dear Mrs.Hembree,
    Good costume choice, its really cool.
    My favorite scary book is Deep and Dark and Dangerous.
    What’s yor favorite scary book?

    From Kalle

  14. I thought that your outfit was the best costume i have ever seen. When you walked in our room i thought that,” I can’t believe that you actually dressed up as baby mouse”. I know exactly what i am being for Halloween next year. =)


  15. I love your outfit. You are so creative, I wish i was that creative. Every year you wear coustumes from diffrent books and then read them to us at school. I love all the coustumes you wear every year.


  16. Dear Mrs.Hembree,
    I love the costume!Its very creative, and PINK!
    Did you go trick or treating?
    if so how much candy?…probaly a bunch!
    Happy Halloween!

  17. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    for Halloween I was Cleopatra. My favorite part of the costume was the leggings because they had hieroglyphics on them. Your costume was awesome! My favorite scary book was Deep and Dark and Dangerous.

  18. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    Your BabyMouse costume was so cool! I love how you added the heart on your dress like BabyMouse.
    I dressed up like someone from a masquerade ball for halloween.
    My favorite BabyMouse book is Monster Mash, I love the Halloween theme in it.
    My favorite book is the Westing Game.

  19. Dear, Mrs.Hembree,
    I really like your Halloween costume, its very interesting how you try to look like ” Babymouse”, i think it would be nicer if you try to find a ” babymouse” mask. You would look exactly like “Babymouse”. I never read “Babymouse” book before, so i will try it some day. Once again, nice costume.

    • Dear John,
      It’s okay if you don’t like Babymouse. We can’t all like the same things or this world would be very boring!
      What does make me sad is that you don’t have a favorite book! I will make it my goal to match you with a book this year! I know I have something you would like to read!
      Mrs. Hembree

  20. Dear Mrs.Hembree,

    I love your babymouse costume espeacially the hat.

    Whats your favorite babymouse book?
    Did you go trick or treating?
    Whats your favorite halloween costume?

  21. Dear Mrs.Hembree

    I love your costume. Its fantastic and creative. My costume wasn’t as creative as yours. Your costume is awesome. Can’t wait for next year when you dress up as pigeon. Of course I wouldn’t be here but I’ll try to see you. My favorite scary book is probably Grimm Tales. Its not that scary but it was in the horror section! Good luck!

  22. Dear Ms.Hembree,
    I love the costume! I was a giant box of nerds. I had a lot of fun this Halloween, Did you? I also spent some time reading my favorite horror book, Deep, Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Han. I highly suggest it for any horror lover.

  23. I thought the outfit was very creative it shows how much you love baby mouse. Every year your something new! I wonder what you will be next Halloween.



  24. Dear Mrs.Hembree,
    I realy like your halloween costume!!!! It is very pinky!! It really looks like BabyMouse!! Good Thinking!!! I was a Devil Angel…..lol..Its cool how u love 2 dress up….Its awsome!!


  25. Dear Mrs.Hembree,
    I think your outfit was really cute!! I really loved your shoes and your purple spider on your head!! I was a Cupcake for Halloween.
    Were you cold??
    From, Mackenzie

  26. Dear Ms. Hembree,
    I went trick or treating as myself and I really liked you’re costume
    I wonder what you’re gonna be next year

  27. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    I really like your custom! The color is really bright and I especaily like your hat with a purple spider on it!! Also, I was Red Ridding Hood for Halloween. What are you going to dress up as next year?

  28. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    I like your Babymouse costume! I was a Nerd with my best friend Marcus. My favorite Babymouse book is A Babymouse Christmas. Whats your favorite Babymouse?

  29. Dear, Mrs.Hembree,
    I love your Babymouse costume! For Halloween I was a comfy sock monkey! I don’t really have a favorite Baby Mouse book. I like all of them. My favorite scary book is Abduction by Peg Kehret. I love Peg Kehret and all of her books.


  30. Dear Ms.Hembree,
    I love your costume especially cause I love the babymouse series!
    She is just so cute in her stories.My favorite babymouse book is Beach Babe because it’s funny. I was a Persian princess for halloween.


  31. Dear, Mrs.Hembree I thought that it was so cool that you got to read baby mouse to all of the students in the school.= )



  32. Dear Mrs.Hembree,
    I think that was a great idea to dress up as one of the most popular book characters, Babymouse! I really liked the costume, and the whiskers.
    speaking of books, whats your favorite scary book?

  33. Dear Mrs. Hembree I really like your costume because its really creative.And i also wanted to know what was your favorite scary book.

    • Dear Ana,
      I’m so glad you liked my Halloween costume! I am just like a little girl when it comes to dressing up! I love it as much as our students do!

      My favorite scary book is not very scary. I can’t read scary books because they give me nightmares! That’s why I can’t watch scary movies, either!
      However, The Graveyard Book is my favorite scary book. a little baby wanders out of his house and into the local graveyard where the ghosts raise him. It’s similar to the Jungle Book in some ways!

      Mrs. Hembree

  34. Dear Babymouse (Mrs Hembree),
    BOOO! did I scare you again Mrs Hembree?

    You look very pink Mrs Hembree in that Babymouse outfit.

    For Halloween I dressed up as a witch with a witchs hat that looked awesome.

    My favorurite Babymouse book is Babymouse HeartBreaker becasue it is really funny.

    From your pal,

    • Dear BB,
      Ahh! You DID scare me! Were you a scary witch or a nice witch? Do you go trick or treating in Australia? Trick or treating is very big here!
      Kids go door to door to get candy. Sometimes they go to the mall where it’s warm and not so dark. It gets dark by 6:45pm here at this time of year, so trick or treating can be pretty scary in the dark!
      Now I have to think of what I will be next year!
      Mrs. Hembree

  35. Dear Mrs.Hembree
    I love your costume! My friend and I were a pack of the two flavored nerds and my mom made the costume. It was very cool. I wonder what you will choose to be next year? What ever it is I’m sure it will be cool. There are so many possibilities of what you can be. Maybe what you can do next year is ask everybody on the blog what you should dress up as then the costume that most people vote for is what you will be. Just an idea.

  36. Dear Mrs.Hembree,

    I love how you dressed up like Babymouse for Halloween.I love how you put a spider on your hat.Do you know what your going to be for Halloween?

  37. Dear Mrs.Hembree ,
    I really enjoyed looking at your creative costume.I think the best part of your costume is the pink wig.I hope you had a great halloween!

  38. Dear Mrs.hembree i loved your costume it is very cute maybe next year you can dress up as splat, my haloween costume was a spanish dancer it was just like yours but longer and didn’t have stripes. Where did you get your costume, i will probably have to go there there next year for halloween. from. AL

  39. Dear Mrs. Hembree,

    I love your costume, I couldn’t make a costume as creative as yours. Where did you go to get the stuff for your costume?

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