The Last Photos Come in!

Today is the last day for submitting our Summer Reading Contest photos!

We have had 31 students and 4 staff members participate this summer! Unbelievable!

Our first group of photos come from Sofia who went to Sweden this summer.

Sofia in Lake Mälaren northeast of Stockholm


A Rune stone from the 11th century.


Reading as a royal!


In the Royal Castle in Stockholm


Alison also went on a trip to Montana to visit her Grandpa.

Check out her snorkeling photo!

Who says you can't read and snorkel at the same time?

 The next two photos came from Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida.

If you like Harry Potter, then you will definitely recognize these landmarks!

Wizard Josa reading at Hogwarts castle.


In front of the Hogwarts Express

Mrs. Robertson recently went on a road trip around some of the western states.

She said she thought of me when she saw this at an Oregon Trail themed RV park in Baker City, Oregon.

Wagon style reading!


Reading with bison at Yellowstone National Park, WY


A huge Thank You for everyone who participated in our Reading Contest!

You are Rocking Bulldog Readers!


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7 thoughts on “The Last Photos Come in!

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    I have just walked in after a busy so called afternoon and thought its time to check your blog.

    Wow wow! I am so pleased to see more of your outstanding Bulldog readers reading in the most amazing places. 🙂

    From in the pool to sitting in a royal chair. Also how great is Josa he has read just about everywhere. Well done Josa!
    Also I just love the fact one of readers was reading with some Bison cattle in the back ground how cool is that. Really made me think of when I used to live in the country many years ago.

    It is really really going to very hard to pick out your winners.

    From your blogging pal,

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    Wonderful post. I enjoyed looking at the photos.

    I can not believe how Josa went to where Harry Potter was filmed how awesome!

    All the photos are just awesome

    It is going to be hard to pick the winners.

    But everyone has done an awesome job in taking part in this wonderful competition.

    I, agree you all are Rocking Bulldog readers.

    From your pal,

    • Dear AA and BB,
      We have had so many wonderful photos submitted this summer! Choosing for some top ones is going to be difficult. I really welcome your ideas!

      We have been busy getting our school ready for the new year. We have had some challenges due to construction, but things are going well and soon I will have photos of what our new temporary library looks like. I also hope to post some before and after photos of the construction around us.

      As always thank you for visiting our blog and leaving us such great comments!
      Mrs. Hembree

  3. Dear Mrs.Hemmbree,This is a one of the best pictures ever so who wins the contest? So have you bin having fun in the summer? Why are the buildings now boom? So did you see anyone at school? Are you happy that you are back in school? I you are I am too. You friend Alex.

    • Dear Alex,
      There are so many photos and it’s going to be very hard to choose. That’s why I have asked 2 blogging friends in Australia to help me! They are going to give me their ideas this weekend.
      Yes, there are many changes at school. I will post some photos soon and write a blog post all about it. In the meantime, the classrooms are ready for everyone and the teachers are excited about being back at school!
      It was great seeing you at Meet and Greet yesterday.
      See you Tuesday!
      Mrs. Hembree

  4. Dear Bulldog Readers,

    I thought this post was very good, I do love watching Harry Potter. I have seen all of the Harrry Potter movies and did recognize the photos.

    I love to read!!

    Haille 2KJ Australia. 🙄

    • Dear Haille,
      Thank you so much for your comment on our post! It is always fabulous to get comments from our blogging friends around the world!

      Harry Potter books and movies are very exciting aren’t they? I bet you wish there were more coming. Soon there will be a Harry Potter website where you can get more information about everything Harry Potter!

      I hope you come back to visit our blog again soon. We are just starting up our school year again after our summer vacation.

      Do you have a favorite book you can tell us about?
      From, Mrs. Hembree

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