Our Babymouse Day!

Yesterday was quite a day with our guest author Matt Holm!  If you aren’t familiar with the Babymouse books, they are graphic novels, which are like comic books, but much longer. They are also funny – really, really funny! Okay, not all graphic novels are funny, but the Babymouse ones are!

Matt co-authors the books with his sister Jenni. She writes most of the dialog and he illustrates. He explained how every book starts with a storyboard, like they do for movies. The storyboard is their book map – it helps them flesh out the details of the plot, illustrations and dialog.

Jenni and Matt don’t live near one another, so they work separately and then email their drafts back and forth. It takes a lot of revisions before it gets to the printing stage! One book took 14 revisions before it was right! Most of their books take about a year to complete.

After the background presentation, some kids had the chance to suggest new situations for Babymouse and come others were involved in a Babymouse “draw-off”! Who could draw Babymouse fast like Matt? We have some awesome Bulldog Illustrators!

A special huge shout out to the Bulldog PTSA for providing funding so Matt could visit our school and to Parkplace Books for supplying books for kids to buy! Thank you!!!


What is your favorite Babymouse book?

What plot suggestions do you have for Babymouse?

I think she needs to be on America’s Next Top Mouse-Model!

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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3 thoughts on “Our Babymouse Day!

  1. I enjoyed your animoto, illustrators always me, it’s a skill that eludes me. However I was actually looking for your ABC playground game post. I can’t find it. Please can you help a lost browser?

    Mr E

  2. Dear Mr. E,
    My illustrations skills are also limited to stick figures, so it was amazing to watch Matt draw so quickly! We have some great artists at our school too! Maybe they will grow up to be animators or illustrators!
    The ABC song is the last video in the More Playground Songs post. If you scroll down a wee bit, you will see it! It has a lot of American slang, so it will be fun to see what your kids think!
    Mrs. Hembree

  3. I really enjoyed watching this video. I could see kids loved this event! Thank you for giving this opportunity to our kids. I know you had lots to do to organized but I think kids totally appreciate it. And so do I!!

    Thank you Mrs. Hembree!!

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