Hurray! It’s Math Week!


Hynden's door

It’s Monday and the first day of Math Week!


Do you know you can find math EVERYWHERE?


Can you find math in ART? In PE? In the Library? In the Lunchroom? In Music?


Yes!  Yes!  Yes!


Join us this week as we explore the math that is all around us!

Check out our video with a special message from

M A T H    M A N !


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13 thoughts on “Hurray! It’s Math Week!

  1. Dear Math Man,
    I really liked your video! I think it was really funny! I love math. I love adding and subtracting!
    Are you going to make another video?

  2. Dear Math Man,
    That was really funny that you said, Do your mom’s check book!”
    From, Alex
    P.S. Math Man your costume is funny!

  3. I AM MATH Man! I am on a mission to destroy poor mathematical thinking.

    I loved visiting your classrooms today to see all the great work you are doing in math. I’m glad you find me funny. I hope you also find me find me smart and strong!

    I AM Math Man and I’m excited about all the great math activities we have at school this week. Don’t forget to complete your Math Man challenge work tonight! Free popcorn from everyone who finishes!

    What’s my name? I AM MATH MAN

    Hear me shout . . . I LOVE MATH!

  4. Dear Math Man,
    You are really funny when you walk around with your baseball bat in your hands. Have you captured the math villain yet?
    From Jacob

  5. Dear Math Man,

    I loved watching you in action and with all those really cool moves too.
    Not only are you good at maths but I feel you would be an awesome dancer too. 🙂
    Counting back and forward making sure it is correct is so important.

    I need you down in Australia to help me with my maths too.

    Wow ! you even give out popcorn too you make a great addition to a special family.

    Keep up the awesome work, hopefully next time I write to you I will be a lot better at maths.

    Yes your name is Math Man hopefully I won’t forget.
    I am shouting all the way from down under “I love Maths”

    Yours sincerely,

  6. AA,

    Thank you for your kind words. I AM MATH MAN! And I’d like to visit Australia someday. It’s not easy being a superhero but knowing that I am doing a service to my community helps keep me on track.

    I AM MATH MAN and I also specialize in telling math jokes.
    Joke #1
    Q: What does the zero say to the the eight?
    A: Nice belt!

    Do you know any math jokes or riddles to share with me?

    What’s my name? I AM MATH MAN

    Hear me shout . . . I LOVE MATH JOKES!

  7. @ Math Man,

    Thank so much for replying back to me.

    I, feel you would love Australia and I really hope one day you have the time to come and visit.

    Oh! it must be hard been a super hero making sure that everyone slowly gets better at maths.
    After watching your video I feel I have made a little bit of an improvement.

    Just love your math jokes only wish I did have one to share but I don’t but maybe nexted time when I drop you a line I will.

    Now I am shouting out your name Math Math,
    and shouting out I Love Math Jokes.
    Time to fly,
    yours sincerely,

  8. Dear Math Man,
    Can I join your gang Math Man?

    I like your video it was awesome.

    I like the joke you said to AA.

    Can I have a joke?

    I like addition and subtraction.

    What kind of Math do you like?

    From Bianca

  9. Dear Students,
    Math Man sent me this message to pass on to you!

    I AM MATH MAN and I am excited to reward you for completing your Math Challenge Problems. Unfortunately I have received a MATH emergency call from another school. The need my help immediately! I will not be at school today. So, one of my assistants will be coming by your classroom today to pass out the Math Prizes and pass out your last Math Man Challenge.

    Have No FEAR! I AM MATH MAN and I will return tomorrow!

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