Amazing Albania

Amazing research is happening around school!  Recently three students  decided to do some research on their own and made a poster with facts and gave a speech in front of their classroom. Check out what they did on the mini-video! I hope more kids get the research buzz!

Now…What will you do for research?

Do you like animals, countries, fancy cars?

Tell us about a fact you learned!


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7 thoughts on “Amazing Albania

  1. Yes, I love it and agree that the research bug needs to spread. Some of my students have caught it already. Soooo contagious.
    From, Mr. Leahy

  2. Dear Tina & Isabella,
    Great job on your Albanian poster! I think it was a awesome idea to do a report on Albania and show the class what you know about it.
    From, Melody

  3. Dear Tina,Isabella and Melody,

    What a wonderful job you all did with your project on Albania. I really enjoyed your video too.
    I love the fact you all worked together as a team.

    I do have a question for you all what made you what to do a project about Albania.

    Great work girls.

    From your new blogging pal AA.

  4. Dear Tina, Melody and Isabella

    I love how you put everything together and researched facts about Albania. My favorite part is about the flag – I like how it looks it looks so cool. The most important part about the flag are the two eagle heads on it.

    Keep up the work guys


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