Student Review by Tina

Leepike Ridge by N.D. Wilsonridge 

He stopped wondering, and he tested. He put his foot on the foam. Then he squatted down and knelt on it. It still floated. He pushed off the muddy bank and drifted toward the leafy ring. He reached out for the branches and quickly dropped onto his belly when the raft rocked and reeled. The leaves parted in front of him as he left his harbor and entered the moonlight.

            This is how an amazing adventure could have begun. In this case, this adventure was taken by eleven-year-old Thomas Hammond, who lived near Leepike Ridge. He thought Leepike Ridge, as his home, to be a pleasant life, where he knows everything about it. But he doesn’t realize he’s just living above, and he ends up being dragged UNDER it. Now he’s in trouble! You’d think this to be TERRIBLE. It is of course, but, he finds many questions answered that he probably didn’t know existed. Most about his father and his death a few years back. Bit also, how will he get out? How will he get revenge on those who were responsible for his father’s death? Will he ever see light again? 

            So many questions build up when you’re near the end of the book. I personally loved how, near the end, you pull a “trigger” and the questions are answered while suspense is built. The action rises as things just get out of control for all the characters.

I hope others will pick up this book and enjoy it, too.

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One thought on “Student Review by Tina

  1. Dear Tina,
    I read your book review! It was fantastic!
    I liked the interesting introduction. I like how
    you ended your book review with questions.
    I feel like reading this book now!

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