I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly: Diary of Patsy a Freed Slave Student Review by Devon


 “Dear America” is a historic series that shows-off  the important events that took place over a long period of time. Although it’s probably a fact that Patsy (the main character) was not an actual person, I sometimes wonder if this book is based on a true story.  I put my opinion into this book review and I will try my best to get you all to read it, because in my thoughts, it breaks through the barriers of fact, and sprinkles a bucket of fiction throughout the rich pages! This book is historically adventurous!

 Of course you have already guessed, that Patsy is the main character, and of course, a character has a cause, and for Patsy, that cause is slavery. Patsy is a slave, and she tries her hardest to work for the mistress, and she kind of enjoys it, well, as much as she can the task of dusting the library. But why would a slave enjoy dusting an old library? Well, to tell you, she is different from most slaves, but how? She can read!

 A fact in this story is that most slaves cannot read or write, yet little old Patsy has her special features, behind the Master and Mistresses back, Patsy practices reading and writing. Patsy the slave, can read and write, and so she writes in her diary. She writes about her adventures of the day.  She goes about her day’s events such as cooking and cleaning the manor, but one grateful day, the Yankees arrive and claim the slaves are… FREE!  After this statement was made, the whole manor fell apart!  One after another, the freed men and women left to search for their families.  But in the mean time, everyone else must claim his or her last name! Everyone is joined in the commotion and still, Patsy still has not decided what her last name should be!

     I’m not going to spoil such outstanding and thrilling historic events, so I strongly recommend this book to any adventure seekers and all the history admirers!  “I thought my soul would rise and fly” when I read this!

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3 thoughts on “I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly: Diary of Patsy a Freed Slave Student Review by Devon

  1. Dear Devon;

    Wow, I should read this book, Cool, isn’t? well, I was thinking that the “American girls” books where bored but I see in your revew that I’m wrong, well, thanks for the help!.

    Paola 😛

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