Phineas L. MacGuire Gets Slimed by Frances O’Roark Dowell

Fourth grader Phineas “Mac” MacGuire loves science. He loves it so much  he decides his school goal is to be the best 4th grade scientist at his school.  When he only gets an honorable mention for his exploding volcano in the science fair, he decides he needs to be a little more creative. He decides to help his friend Aretha grow the kind of mold that creates penicillin. Things get a little wild especially when his mom finds mold growing in her bathroom. Mac’s crazy experiments will have you laughing out loud. I mean, who would ever think of growing mold for fun?  He even gives a recipe for how to grow wood mold!Try the other books in the series too: Phineas L. MacGuire Blasts Off! and Phineas L. MacGuire Erupts. Review by Mrs. Hembreephineas

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